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Travellers are advised that travel insurance with comprehensive medical cover is highly recommended to ensure the highest standard of care in the event that medical attention may be required during their visit. Persons with life-threatening chronic conditions are further advised against travelling.


  1. By completing the above application, I hereby accept, indemnify, exempt and hold harmless the BAPS Swaminarayan Sansthã (“the Sansthã”) and its related entities, employees, agents, officers, volunteers, associates, affiliates, representatives and/or related persons against liability for the death, illness, injury, loss, incapacity or damage of any kind sustained by my person or to my property, which may occur before, en-route, during or after my travel to any African country. In the event of my permanent incapacity or death, I further confirm that the aforementioned indemnity shall also extend to any claims that may be made by my family and/or dependents, and they shall therefore have no claim against the Sansthã in this regard.
  2. I understand and accept that whilst the Sansthã makes every endeavour to act in my best interests and ensure my safety and pleasant visit at all times, the Sansthã is not held responsible, and cannot be held liable for any event which may affect me resulting from travel or accommodation arrangements facilitated by the Sanstha.